Library Renovation Project

Access, Improvements, and Teen Space Renovation at the Warren Public Library.
The Warren Public Library Board of Directors and Staff are engaged in a capital campaign to rennovate and expand services at the library. It is our hope that this planned renovation, including a variety of improvements to access and a safe, enlightening environment, will help the Warren Public Library meet the needs of our community today and tomorrow.

Here are some of the key changes your contribution will help make:

Push-button entry doors, elevator renovation, restroom updates, and new signage will make the library more accessible for everyone. These updates are important so that everyone can enjoy the library comfortably.

A space focused solely on teens will ultimately give them a voice and empower them to become better citizens of our community. Incorporates a variety of technologies and resources to expand their growing minds.

New furniture and better lighting will provide an updated environment to enjoy information. New HVAC installation will expand air conditioning for patrons who want to read and learn during the hot summer afternoons.

The Library has a variety of technology driven programs to provide the widest possible service offering to patrons. Technology upgrades are a must so everyone has a state-of-the-art experience. 

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Why do we need your help?

With only one half of our funding supplied by the state and county, Warren Public Library is constantly working on fundraising, our biggest drives being the Annual Giving Campaign, the Annual Warren Gives Campaign and our Annual Midwinter Fundraising Event.

What’s happened in library funding in recent years? In 2008, state library funding was cut by approximately 30%. Funding has remained at this level throughout the last decade. In 2019, a $5 million state increase for libraries amounted to an additional $8,709 to Warren Public Library’s operating budget – a 1% increase. County funding has decreased by three-fifths – from $500,000 to $200,000 – since 1995. However, in the 2020 Warren County budget, a $25,000 increase was approved. All of this being said, Warren Public Library is still receiving less funding from the county than we did in 1978. The remaining funds for our operational and programming costs are obtained through grant money and incidentals such as overdue fines and copy fees. We plan on raising at least half of our funds for this project through various grants.

Your donation will help us make this project a reality and a safe space for our entire community for years to come.