Reading early and often to your preschooler has many benefits such as building a solid foundation for academic success; improved imagination, creativity and language skills; helps develop a strong bond between parent and child; and cultivates a lifelong love of reading. Participating in 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a great way to develop early literacy skills. Imagine how proud your child – and you – will be when they reach milestones such as 100 books, 500 books and then the ultimate goal of 1000 books read.

Have fun! We are so happy you are participating and putting your child on the right track for kindergarten.

Still have questions? E-mail Miss Susan to learn more!


who can participate?

Any child can participate before kindergarten. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers are all welcome. The earlier you start reading to your child, the better. It’s okay if their attention span is not that long yet. It will get better as time goes on. However, it is important not to force your child to sit and listen. Give it time. If necessary, read just a few pages at a time. Before you know it your child will be asking you to read their favorite books again and again. 

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how does it work?

Reading 1000 books to your child may sound intimidating, but if you read to your child at least once a day you will reach these milestones before you know it. Any book read to your child counts no matter who the reader is – cousin, grandpa, big sister, librarian. Most young children like hearing their favorite stories over and over. Repeating books is fine. In fact, children learn through repetition. Say you read the same book ten times; this counts as ten books.

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how do i keep track?

There are several methods for keeping track of the books you read. You can pick up paper logs at the library in the Children’s Department or download one for each 100 books below. Those who prefer an online method may keep track at Reader Zone. Register on their website ( using the program code fc392. Those who prefer apps can download the Reader Zone app from Google Play, the App Store or Amazon by searching for “Reader Zone”; be sure to use program code fc392.

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how does my child receive recognition for milestones reached?

Parents can award their child for each 100 books read. When the goal of 1000 books is reached, contact Children’s Librarian Ms. Susan to make an appointment so your child can receive well-deserved recognition and an award. Phone 814 723-4650 x126 or email to contact Ms. Susan. You will be asked to bring in the logs for verification. We will not keep them; we just need to make note that we saw them. For those using Reader Zone, we can simply check your online account for verification.

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what books should i read to my child?

Use books from home, your neighbor’s, grandma’s house, the library, the doctor’s office; wherever you can get them. There are plenty of picture books and nonfiction books at the Warren Library that would be perfect to read to your child. You may ask a Children’s Department staff member for assistance when visiting the library. There are also plenty of suggested reading lists to be found online. Check out the official 1000 Books Before Kindergarten website for a “Books You Should Hear Before Kindergarten” reading list, which can be found under “How it Works” and then “Resources”. We suggest you visit this website and take a look around.

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Bence finished 1000 books
Bence B. finished his 1000 Books in July 2021

WPL’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the following children for completing 1000 books before kindergarten!

Bence B.