Apple trees in blossom

Scrumping Library Resources, including other foraging and feast topics

Scrumping is a term, perhaps known to our local forage and feast community, for locating and harvesting wild apples to make cider.  Al presents this series on activities throughout the season from identifying wild trees and orchards in various seasonal stages, caring for a neglected tree or orchard to ensure a harvest, and identifying the best fruit to harvest for cider.  His personal reading list can be found here and below are some library resources to help you if you decide to jump into this activity.  Please enjoy!

At the Warren Public Library:

The American Cider Book by Orton (641.26Or8)

Fruit Trees in Small Spaces by Eierman (634Eierman)

Botany of Desire by Pollan (581Pollan) and (DVD 581Pollan) 

Wildwood: a Journey through Trees  by Deakin (582.16Deakin)

The Apples of New York by Beach, S.A. (Ref PA Rm 634 B35 2 volumes)

Preserving Wild Foods by Weingarten (641.4 Weingarten)

The Apple Cookbook by Woodier (641.6Woodier)

Native harvests by Kavesch (641.5973Kavasch)

The Wild Table by Green (641.578Green)

Hunt, gather, cook by Shaw (641.691Shaw)

Tree Flowers by Selsam, M (Children’s 582.16 SE4)

The backyard homestead by Madigan  (630Madigan)

Backyard foraging by Zachos (581.632Zachos)

Northeast foraging by Meredith (581.6Meredith)

Storey’s guide to growing organic orchard fruits by Barney (634Barney)