The largest online newspaper archive, established in 2012. Used by millions for genealogy and family history, historical research, crime investigations, journalism, and entertainment. Search for obituaries, marriage announcements, birth announcements, social pages, national and local news articles, sports, advertisements, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle pages, comics, and more. Everything you’d expect in the paper—and maybe something you didn’t! Provided by Libraries of Warren County.

Newspaper Archive

Provides searchable access to more than 300 hundred years of local historical newspapers dating back to the 17th century. NewspaperARCHIVE Library Edition contains more than 130 million digitized pages of content from over 6,000 newspapers throughout North America, the UK, and other select countries worldwide. Purchased by Seneca District.

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AP Newsroom

View the greatest events in world history with photographs, audio sound bites, video, and graphics, for over 185 years. Over 3,000 photos/images/sound bites/graphics added daily, including audio and visual snapshots of breaking news events, today’s hot topics, great moments in news, sports and entertainment, celebrity portraits, and 20 million royalty-free stock. A POWER Library Resource.

Tools to Evaluate Your News Consumption

We are committed to helping you avoid falling for fake news, disinformation, and misinformation.  Here are some tools to help you!

Associated Press: Not Real News

A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals from each week.  The Associated Press checks them out. None of the stories are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. AP fact checks them and delivers the facts.


The Checkology virtual classroom is a browser-based platform where middle school and high school students learn how to navigate today’s challenging information landscape by developing news literacy skills.

Newsroom Transparency Tracker

A tool that equips you to assess the transparency of leading national and regional media outlets by surfacing the policies, practices, and people behind the news. The Tracker encourages media outlets to be accountable to the public and empowers the public to make informed choices about the news they watch, listen to, and read.

Rand Corporation: Fighting Disinformation Online

The rise of the internet and the advent of social media have fundamentally changed the information ecosystem, giving the public direct access to more information than ever before. But it’s often nearly impossible to distinguish accurate information from low-quality or false content. This means that disinformation—false or intentionally misleading information that aims to achieve an economic or political goal—can become rampant, spreading further and faster online than it ever could in another format. As part of its Countering Truth Decay initiative, and with support from the Hewlett Foundation, RAND is responding to this urgent problem. Our researchers identified and characterized the universe of online tools developed by nonprofits and civil society organizations to target online disinformation. These tools were created to help information consumers, researchers, and journalists navigate today’s challenging information environment.

Additional Resources from Pen America to help you know what is worth sharing and avoid being misinformed or falling prey to bias.

  • is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and is non-partisan and monitors for political accuracy.
  • All Sides offers perspectives on topical news stories from the left, center, and from the right, plus a ‘media bias rating.’
  • has been around since 1994 and fact-checks internet content.
  • by the Poynter Institute or Washington Post’s Factchecker both fact-check political content.
  • Duke Reporters’ Lab is a database of both national and global fact-checking resources.
  • RevEye Reverse Image Search is a Chrome extension to perform an inverse image search.