You’re no stranger to how the coronavirus has impacted this country. Did you know that it has affected the library, too?

This is always the time of year when the annual Midwinter Fundraiser event invitations are sent. We brainstorm and plan and prepare, doing our best to make the evening fun for you.

Sadly, to ensure the safety of our staff and guests, an in-person event cannot be held this year. COVID-19 has caused this popular event to be canceled.

So, in 2021, I am asking you to please support library programming, just as you do every year at the in-person Midwinter Fundraiser. Donate whatever you usually spend during the evening on ticket price, games, raffle tickets, or additional donations. Maybe even more.

The Midwinter Fundraiser is critical to support all of the programming and events that are provided throughout the year. YOU are the only funding source!

And, even though we haven’t been able to provide in-person story times and book clubs and crafternoons, many regular programs were still provided virtually. This is not only time-consuming, it is also costly. Outside vendors, like magicians, provide virtual options to their in-library events, but they still cost money. Children’s and adult programs have pick-up-and-go crafts available. Technology must be purchased in order to make programs and story times available online.

Your kind 2020 Midwinter Fundraiser donations made this possible last year. But what about 2021? You are needed more than ever!

We aren’t entirely sure when in-person events will begin again, but rest assured that they will. We want to hold popular events like the petting zoo, author visits, yoga classes, and financial workshops. But resuming in-person events and continuing virtual services this year will not be possible without YOU.

Your investment in the library’s Midwinter Fundraiser is critical to providing services that the children, teens, and adults in Warren rely upon and look forward to every year.

They need your support to make these services happen.

Please make a Midwinter Fundraiser gift. Donate generously, knowing that YOU are the reason that programs happen at the library!

Instead of coming to the library on January 30th (no one will be here!), stay home in your slippers and comfy clothes. Make some popcorn. Watch a good movie. And think about the library. Think about how important your contribution is. Think about the many people who look forward to library programs all year long – events that will not happen this year without your generosity.

Please. Support and know that you make a difference. A BIG difference.

Thank you,
Kelli Knapp, Director/District Administrator
Warren Library Association

P.S. Please give by January 30th. Library programs won’t happen in 2021 without your donation.

P.S.S. Don’t forget – we’ll be back in-person in 2022!!